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Why is cutting Government Library funding a DUMB IDEA?

1. We do not want government policy based on Google, Twitter and Wikipedia.

Government libraries are places run by highly qualified library and information professionals, who are able to find the answer to just about any question a Minister, politician or bureaucrat might ask when developing an evidence-based policy. Commercial search engines such as Google give results based on popularity. Librarian and information professionals' searches are robust and comprehensive. They are quicker, smarter and produce better quality results.

2. It will not save money in the long run.

From what we can gather, the savings will be less than the $5m Brisbane City Council spend each year on weed control. In practice, any savings will be offset by the additional cost of highly paid government advisors having to do their own research or employ less qualified assistants to do it for them. Library and information professionals are faster, use authenticated resources, and provide better results, at less cost to the taxpayer.

Cutting expenditure on government libraries is a dumb idea. We hope the Queensland government will see sense, call a halt to the cuts and renew its investment in these essential library and information services.

Message from ALIA President, Vanessa Little:

As president of the Australian Library and Information Association, I urge members, colleagues, library advocates and everyone who supports good government, based on sound, well-researched policy, to speak out against cuts to Queensland government libraries.

We are deeply concerned that, without highly qualified library and information professionals working behind-the-scenes, government decision-making will be based on lightweight, glib answers to complex questions that affect the lives of all Queenslanders.

We call on the Queensland government to call a halt to cuts and to renew its investment in these essential library and information services.

- Vanessa Little